NoPrimeTime is an online VIDEO AD SERVER.

You can use it to monetize your online content by inserting ads into your online videos.

Our system is compatible with all the existing content management platforms based on Adobe Flash technology and Microsoft technologies.
You can also deliver ads into the live streaming feeds based on Flash Media Server or into your mobile video contents.

The system allows complex targeting based on criteria like:

user location
time of the day
frequency capping
Our system is fully compatible with the IAB guidelines and allows the inclusion of all type of ads you can think of:

preroll/midroll/postroll video ads
static or dynamic overlayers
interactive clips
dynamically delivered content
companion banners

NoPrimeTime is a stable and scalable white-label solution that can be interfaced with your system in a matter of hours, with no costs from your side. All you pay is for the delivery of the ads (the CPM model "cost per mile").

Bottomline: you pay just for what you use without platform development or deploying fees, and a turn-around time for deployment between a couple of hours and a couple of days.
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